Sunday, August 4, 2013

Word Study Flashcards To Improve Spelling

For over a year now, I've been selling Word Sorts, or Word Study Flashcards through my Teachers Pay Teachers store. 
I have all the different Spelling Stages available there:
  • Letter Name Alphabetic Stage -  includes short vowels and mostly three letter words like "cat"
  • Within Word Pattern Stage - includes long vowel patterns and r-influenced vowels
  • Syllables and Affixes Stage - includes prefixes and endings as well as multi-syllabic words
  • Derivational Relations Stage - include Greek and Latin Roots
I created these sorts when I was doing my student teaching. I printed and laminated a set for my host teacher and a set for myself, at least for the sorts I taught that year. I copied each set on different colors, so that if the students were working together, they could make sure the same color got back in the correct set at the end.

This summer, my mom helped me cut out my set and organize them. She added the number for the sort on the back of each card, cut them apart and secured them with a rubber-band.

My dad had a business card holder that he was no longer using, which I put the cards in. To make it easier to take the cards in and out of this, I added an index card, which I cut down to size. I made sure it stuck out of the plastic, as a tag students can grab.

In the future, I may only make 3 of these copies for each sort. I would have the students work in pairs at a word study station with 2 of the copies. I plan to add magnetic tape to one set of cards for each sort, so students can sort on the side of a heater or file cabinet. I would have copies on plain paper that students can take home for further practice.