Monday, April 28, 2014

Professional Development

I hosted a small professional development hour for people in my school needing help with technology related issues. My principal came and we found out that if she keeps her walk-through notes on Google drive, it will not send updates to the teacher (person she shared it with) via email. So, teachers will need to be trained to look at the file when the principal walks through. It will send the principal an email when teachers have written comments. Sometimes, we must adapt to the technology.

Another teacher wanted to build a website. She was trying to use Google sites, but it was not as user-friendly as she would like it to be. Since our school is completely re-vamping our website, the principal advised her to wait until the new site is released. The school is using Schoolwires CMS, and all teachers will have their own webpage.

Today, I showed teachers in my school, which is a great way to keep track of students on task (and off-task) behavior. I showed this to parents recently at parent-teacher conferences. I will be using this for my Research project, which has changed direction on me. Now, my driving question is: Will students get to work on an entrance activity quicker if the activity is on their iPods vs. on Paper.

So far, I have been using Class Dojo to keep track of when students get to work on their paper assignments. This Wednesday, I plan on integrating the iPods in the morning routine. The first assignment will be for students to log into their Google Drive accounts and respond to a writing prompt. I will use Doctopus and gClassFolders to create this assignment. I better get busy with this!