Monday, April 29, 2013

Fridays in a Future Classroom

I've been thinking about what it would be like to have my own classroom. With math, I would implement the student leader roles that they outline in the Math Expressions curriculum. I saw a first grade teacher implement that really well. Another aspect I like about that curriculum, that I saw a fifth grade teacher implement well, is the extension activities that go with each lesson. She set these up as math stations on Friday, which is what I would do too.

Fridays, I would hand out homework packets and collect them on Thursdays. This would cover the math taught the previous week, but the reading skills for the upcoming week. For spelling, I'd do a pretest on Friday and a final test on Thursday. My reasoning for this practice, which is much different than traditional classrooms is that every minute matters and parents have more free time to help their children on weekends. This would turn weekends into learning days, helping to reinforce what students are learning in school.

The weekly reading tests would be given online, during computer lab time, so scoring would be easier.
Fridays would also be the days for Science experiments. I really enjoy the FOSS Curriculum. It's so hands on and fun!

Maybe this will be the year I get hired full -time. I'd love to have my own classroom and implement these ideas.

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