Saturday, May 11, 2013

Safari Montage

This week, I went to a training for using Safari Montage. Our district pays for this software, which has educational videos we can use. You can search by subject or keyword. Each video or resource lists whether it has closed captioning and even links to the Washington State standards that apply. What is really cool is that you can take smaller snippets of the video, by customizing the start and end times and adding it to a custom built playlist. There are also other resources you can use, like quizzes and interactive sheets. You can even add Smart Board lessons, or notebook files, into your custom playlist.

There are a lot of potential applications for using Safari Montage. For instance, videos that have closed captioning will increase students' literacy (even more so if you turn down the audio and ask students to read the screen). Another cool feature is that you can set itt to move automatically into the next event in the playlist, unless you add an interactive aspect. This helps with time management when you know you only have a certain amount of time to cover material, especially when teaching in the library or middle and high school levels.I am looking forward to creating playlists I can use for various grade levels.

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