Sunday, May 18, 2014

iPod Management

The state test is over! For this last month of the school year, I finally feel like I can delve into areas I have not felt free to explore with my students before. I am committed to getting the iPods out on the desks everyday for the rest of the school year. So, this means I am making this a part of my morning routine.

Each morning, I take the iPods from bottom rack (#21-28) out of the Bedford rolling cart and put them in a small basket on the other side of the room for students to grab in the morning. This makes it easier and quicker for students to get the iPods in the morning. They keep the iPods on their desks on top of a small mat. The mat is made from non-stick shelf lining material. At the end of the day, I have 10 students at a time return the iPods to the cart. I have them just put them in the slots without plugging them in to save time. Then, I have a student whose job is "Electrical Engineer" who plugs in the iPods. I double check these to make sure all are accounted for and charging.

On Tuesday, I had students take a Technology Survey, using a google form. They used i-Nigma QR Code Reader to scan a QR code to access the survey. Wednesday morning, students researched how laws are made using their iPods. Thursday, they began researching an idea they think should be a law and seeing if it is already a law. On Friday, they used their iPods to take their Spelling Test using Spelling City.

I am not paying for Spelling City this year, but I was still able to have students use the "Spelling TestMe" feature. I had them show me their scores when they finished, and recorded these.

This coming week, I am planning the following activities using the iPods:
-Spelling City Unscramble early in the week, Spelling City TestMe on Friday
-Notability with our Storytown and Social Studies lessons
-Google Drive to create presentations of Social Studies material
-Other apps as they are appropriate.

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