Monday, May 26, 2014

Reflections on Google Drive

When I first introduced my students to Google Drive, my goal was to have them use a word processing program without needing to teach them how to save and retrieve their files. The students discovered the commenting feature and used it as a way to chat with each other.

A few of the students discovered the Google Presentation feature on their own. They created presentations of their own choice during any free time we had in the computer lab.

Just recently, the music teacher wanted to create a PowerPoint to use to display pictures for the 4th grade musical that students will be performing at the High School. We created a Google Presentation for this instead. I like the fact that I can insert pictures from a URL into a Google Presentation.

Now, students are using Google Presentation as one option to create presentations about different Social Studies chapters. Students were broken into groups. Each group was assigned a chapter in the Social Studies book to read and create a presentation for the class about it. These will be presented after my Technology presentation, during the final week of school.

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